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Purpose of the study

Purpose of the study

Purpose of the study

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If you think about studying abroad, how to get a scholarship or an opportunity to study at an important university abroad, the first thing you should pay attention to is what the purpose of the study you will be sending to that university, how you will explain your view of your desire to join that university, And what is your vision of yourself, and your goals and hopes,

 And why exactly did you choose that university?

What are the purpose of the study?

There are many ideas that can be included in the purpose of the study, so today we will provide you with the service of writing the letters of the purpose of the study, and how to write a convincing message and clear and achieve the desired goal, namely the consent of the university sent to join them, And join the study ..

How to write and the elements in the letters Purpose of study:
The presentation letters from the study should include some important points, along with the excellent writing method, which should be fluent and fluent. These are some important elements to consider when writing these letters:

- Explain why you should choose the university to study.

- You can also talk about the state in which the university is located, and why you chose it.

- Explain the specialization to be studied, and what your qualifications that make you deserve to study at the largest universities.

- How do you see your life after studying, and what plans to save after completing your studies successfully at the selected university.


Writing in these points should be detailed and academic, in a clear and easy to understand manner, and this is what we provide in the service of writing the letters of the purpose of the study, directed to all the universities concerned to study.

What is the purpose of the study?

We will now submit a letter form for the purpose of studying in Arabic:


To Professors and Gentlemen University: ..........


Based on the important information that I have received from education in your university, the quality of education at the highest levels of the world, and what goes to the University of your reputation of education and research good, and given the information known to know your university of the existence of the best scientific equipment and research, and The best levels of university education, by the best professors and experts in the world ..


I have the honor to apply for admission to this prestigious university, to have the honor of being educated by the best qualified experts to graduate the best professional, scientific and research staff, and to be one of the lucky ones to join your carefully selected student classes, so that you can learn from your wide knowledge base. To get my golden opportunity, to acquire the best science and skills, and to be able to do my best, both scientifically, professionally and even personally, and to be able to help you to become one of these beneficiaries for themselves and their communities and Their home ..


Since I am one of those who are keen to acquire real science and develop their abilities continuously in all aspects, I have all the qualifications that qualify me to join your university, since I have: ..........., ...... ....,

I speak fluent English, and I am good at handling computers with skill.


I am also one of the most interested in the educational and cultural life in your country. It is my pleasure to study at one of the oldest universities in your ancient country, which has graduated many distinguished personalities and contributed to the enrichment of humanity.

Over the years with all its scientific efforts.

 I wish to join the university with you, and hope to develop and progress at all levels, and to be one of these actors in enriching scientific, cultural and research content everywhere with your help, and to become an extension of history The supervisor of your university and your country ..

For all these reasons, and for your strong belief in your integrity and your university's keenness to always choose the best, please accept my application to study at your university.

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