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Welcome to "PASSION for Providing Admission Services".

At Passion Company, we are a specialized to find University Admissions in various national and International Universities. Our main aim is helping the student to complete his pathway that covers desired dreams.

At PASSION Company, we are a specialized and expertized Team to provide University Admissions, where we have many Authorized Agents in many national Universities.

At PASSION Company, we provide an overview about the national and International universities, merits and costs of the study in these universities. In addition, we provide the students the complete information about the global rank of the University he desires to study in.  

At PASSION Company, we are proud of our abilities to help the student to choose the discipline that corresponds to his dreams and educational degree. In addition, we provide the student a general idea of the discipline that matching his willing to study and the job opportunities that may be obtained after the completion of the study.

PASSION Team is characterized with its unique experiences in University Admission, where they have high qualifications in all disciplines and long expertise in this area.

We keen on providing the best choice to our dear students and guiding them to study various university disciplines that suit their desires and tendencies and match their financial capabilities.

We also seek to provide them with the universities deductions to reduce the study costs.  

At PASSION Company, we will obtain the student's visa, meet him since arriving in the study country, and provide the comfortable accommodation. Besides, we will follow up the Registration documents completion. In addition, the student can directly contact our concerned specialized team if he finds any problem while the study. He will find our Team available to solve any related problem.

At PASSION Company, we provide Degree Certificate Equivalence, Language Admission and Business English Language Service.

Through PASSION Company, You will find the best services that make you feel non-alienated. We will keep giving you a hand and supporting you to complete your studies that cover your dreams.

At PASSION Company, we are distinguished of the work progress quickly than the other University Admissions websites. We provide the Admission in suitable time with reasonable prices. Our services are priced to suit all classes.  

At PASSION Company, we keen on providing the best services to our dear students to help them achieving their dreams, which will become true.  

At PASSION Company, we are available around the clock to respond your questions and inquiries about our various services. Please do not hesitate to contact us to achieve your dreams.  

You are only required to submit your application then we will contact you and obtain your Visa and Admission. We will meet you at the airport and complete your registration procedures.

Through PASSION Company, your University study and Admission is guaranteed.

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