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 Summer Programs Service 

 Summer Programs Service 

 Summer Programs Service 

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Summer program Service is one of the best services provided by Passion Company. Through this service, the student will enjoy a summer full of fun, recreation, benefits and knowledge.

Summer is a comfort and pleasure season, which comes after long months of study. The student gives himself the opportunity to do the activities he likes, practice his favorite hobbies, and develop his English Language skills and many other different areas of life.

The Student should devote a little time in summer to enhance his learning skills, and he should also develop his English language, regarding that English Language is important globally.  He should also take part in some summer programs to get benefit from the leisure time properly.

Summer programs are a set of the varied educational, cultural, social and recreational programs arranged by the Universities in the summer period, so that the students can get benefit from the summer vacation optimally.

Through the summer programs, the student practices a variety of the educational and social activities, goes on several trips, and performs some voluntary activities that are beneficial to the society. In addition, he practices various sport activities, as well as he performs several exploration and reconnoitering trips.

Every year, the International Institutes arrange many summer programs, so Passion Company has contracted with the International Institutes to provide a number of summer programs that benefit the student greatly.

Passion Company has provided the student various courses at the English-speaking countries that develop his English language skills, it has also provided the availability of conducting some summer courses and programs for teaching English in the student's country of origin so that the student does not need to pay efforts of travelling to attend and to enroll in these summer activities.   

One of the most prominent summer programs contracted by Passion Company, is the Oxford Summer English for 16-18 Years, which is an intensive summer English language program for the international students aged 16 to 18, where is conducted at Balliol College. There is also one of the best summer programs in which students can register and join via Passion Company, is the English Language Program at the Cambridge Studio in England.

In addition, Passion Company has contracted with many English Language Institutes in the Arab countries. The student can login to the Summer Programs and contact the Professional Team who is available around the clock to respond the entire student's inquiries about the English language Courses. Our Professional Team will help the student to choose the program that suits his age, time & country.

Passion Company also issues all the documents necessary for the student's travel to join the selected Summer Program, through the Summer Program Service. All these procedures are executed in cooperation with the Universities & Institutes that provide these programs. Thus, Passion Company will save the student's time and effort.

Through Passion Company, you will enhance your English language abilities, benefit from the summer vacation by spending a time in English cities, learn about the English culture and speak to the English Natives directly.

Please contact Passion Team, for more details and information about the Summer Program Service. Submit any inquiry you may have about the courses, Universities and Summer Programs that our Website has contracted with, and you will find the appropriate sufficient answer from the online support team who are available all day to respond to your inquiries.


Through Passion Company, Your English Language will be fluent and proficient.

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